Theatre Cash

I actually managed to get hold of a copy of the Mercury this week (exciting, eh..?), and two separate items that seem vaguely connected caught my eye. The first, on page 15 announces that Lewisham Council have just given £31,000 to the London Bubble, who had their arts council grant stopped a couple of months ago, though they then got a transitional grant to continue some of their work.

The main project is to be Urban Dreams – a community-based show coming to open spaces at some point this summer. It’s all rather vague; what they have is here.

The other article, on page 4, tells us that Greenwich Theatre has just managed to claw back £200,000 in VAT refund that they’ve spent on shows since 1990. It would seem they’ve been fighting long and hard for it – they started proceedings back in 1995.

James Haddrell, the artistic director plans to use it to “take artistic risks.”


What would YOU like to see brought in then? They must be finalising the next programme at the moment. I confess the last season wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Any suggestions?

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