The Phantom Whinges

Folks – once again my virtual postbag has become embarrassingly full. My huge apologies to everyone who has sent me questions/photos of the view out of their back windows/photos of other things/ suggestions etc – I WILL get to you, I promise.

This morning I’ve been tackling the, ahem, backlog of items for the Parish News section – where people tell me about fun stuff to do/find out/get involved in. I THINK I’m up to date there now. Big ‘sorries’ to the university department who sent me an absolutely fascinating degree show item which I read – then lost. If you send it to me again I will post it pronto.

One of the reasons I don’t get round to posting Parish News stuff straight away is that things come it difficult formats or stuff I have to ‘process’ – usually either FAR too much information (which frankly people won’t read) or stuff on PDF.

I don’t have much time to do the Parish News section – so what makes things easier is a short (a couple of lines is ideal) blurb about the event and a website address where more info can be found, put in the body of the mail so that I can cut and paste it. If I get an item like that, chances are it goes straight up. If it comes in any other format, it ends up in the dreaded ‘to do’ pile. In this particular case it wasn’t bad stuff; I just go snowed under, so sorry guys but it’s up there now. If I’ve missed anything you sent me already, let me know…

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