The Mural Vanishes…

Re: The People of Greenwich Unite Against Racism
By Greenwich Mural Workshop.

Carol, from Greenwich Mural Workshop writes:

“About two months ago someone systematically blotted out all the faces and the hands of the figures on this mural. Very neatly, very meticulously.

To Greenwich Mural Workshop this was yet another case of racist vandalism and started planning to remove the graffiti.

Then during the past 3 days the invisible vandal struck again. Obviously neither their ladders nor brushes could reach the top. No-one has contacted us to say the mural would be removed, no-one has seen anyone doing this. Perhaps Riverside House has captured the culprit on CCTV?

The previous week the two large trees were cut down in the adjoining car park and the piece of waste land immediately to the south of the mural. So who is to blame? Is it corporate vandalism? Is it an act of racism?

Greenwich Mural Workshop would like to know.

We have never believed that our murals should last for ever, in fact the whole purpose of painting street murals was to establish a form of art that could speak with people, for people and to them but never be accumulated by private owners. So that is not our beef. BUT who did this, who gave the permission?”

The Phantom has no idea. Did any of you see anything?

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