The Giant Greenwich Glitterball

That enormous charity shindig just gets bigger. The massive roof now seems to be in place and there’s what looks like a massive glass bay window at the North end – presumably the riff-raff will be kicked out nice and early so that the band can play against a glass backdrop of the Thames and Canary Wharf in private.
> As I was walking past on Saturday, what I can only describe as a giant glitter ball (without the glitter as yet, of course. I have images of dozens of cub scouts and brownies sticking milk bottle tops all over it to create the sparkles later) being winched into position by a whopping great crane.

It looked quite a palaver. The giant globe (for that’s what I’m assuming it will eventually be – or maybe it will be a strange sort of armillary sphere – who can tell) had a little base bit that went into a bigger plinth-type item. Getting it in must have been like those old cup-and-ball games you used to have as a kiddie.

I believe there’s still a couple of weeks to go. Blimey. What else have they got in store for us yokels to gawp at, I wonder?

In the meanwhile, it seems life is hard these days for Hedge-Fund philanthropists. Check out this article in the Telegraph that TiredBunny sent me if you want to know how the other half gives…

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