The First Phantom Poll

Since Blogger’s once again preventing me from showing you some rather fab photos of the Greenwich Observation Wheel going up, I thought we could have a little poll following from this morning’s post about Royal Teas.

Raymond Voce and the Men in Grey Suits spent some time discussing whether Raymond’s popular Cheesy Beans recipe consitutes ‘cooking’ or merely ‘reheating.’ They still didn’t come up with a definitive answer.

So I thought I’d conduct a (very scientific, obviously) poll to find out what readers think.

So here’s the dish:

Cheesy Beans with Marmite Soldiers.

So that’s beans – presumably out of a can.

Cheese. On top. Melted.



So. Here is the question for you. Is Raymond cooking the cheese or reheating it? How about the beans? Warming them up or cooking them? And is he ‘cooking’ toast, or reheating bread rather fiercely on both sides at once?

Your shout.

Due to the vagueries of this site, it’s not easy for me to put a poll onto the main Phantom page, (besides, I’m running out of room) so I’m starting a whole new one for polls, serious and not so serious. You’ll have to click through to it to make your voice heard. The Phantom Webmaster has very kindly agreed to assimilate the new page into the main site in time.

For now, though, click here to vote…

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