The Empty Plinth

Here’s a sad thing:

It is, of course, Greenwich’s own ‘Empty Plinth.’ The place where Henry Moore’s Knife Edge used to be until it was taken away from us (though from an intriguing footnote in Mary Mills’s latest email – – it’s not necessarily a done deal that it’s gone forever.)

It currently looks like some piece of MOD shrapnel, sitting there forlornly, so prominent; so redundant. I really don’t want to see it empty for as long as the one in Trafalgar Square did, so maybe we should start thinking about what could replace it.

Another sculpture, maybe? An armillory sphere or yet another sundial? A statue? Perhaps our beloved Council Leader, holding his hands out to London? Rio, eat your heart out. We don’t, to my knowledge, have any female statues. How about Caroline of Brunswick in a bath towel or Lavinia Fenton as Polly Peachum? Maybe that wouldn’t be genteel enough for a Royal Park.

Or perhaps we just need to go down the Trafalgar Square route and commission another piece of modern art. Benedict sent me some he saw on the Peninsula the other day that might be just the ticket…

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