Swings And Roundabouts

I just have to crow a little.

Boo! I just got sent on a 120 mile round-trip for Real Work which ended up in absolutely nothing. A complete wild goose chase and a wasted day on a busy week.

Hooray! I discovered a secondhand bookstore on my way home, where I found both volumes of The Rev. A. G. L’Estrange’s sizzling classic The Palace and the Hospital – Chronicles of Greenwich, written in 1886. I confess I’d only vaguely heard of it, but it looks great – appearing to be a fascinating mix of hard fact, dodgy speculation, Victorian whimsy and salacious gossip. My kind of book. I shall be sharing snippets and clippits with you as I enjoy them.

Not only that, I found an original and pleasingly well-thumbed copy of Baedecker’s 1908 Handbook for London. I had been considering buying the 1900 version in reprint (Old House Books, a company worth investigating if you like difficult-to-find old books) but one that has clearly been used, complete with some rather strange newspaper clippings attached with a glass headed pin in the front is much more romantic.

So. A poor day for earning money. A good day for spending it.

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