Rear Window, Greenwich Style (3)

Third in the nosy series where we look at Greenwich through other people’s windows, and today, our reverse Through The Keyhole, has us peeping out of the upstairs of Dave’s place.

The first picture is out of Dave’s bathroom window – and it’s just the sort of thing I’m looking for in this series. Not everyone looks out on The Old Royal Naval College or the Thames. Most of us get a much more personal image of our town – secret, even.

This is the sort of thing that will get lost in history. I have spent a looooong time trying to find any old pictures of my own road – and despite driving the people at the Heritage Centre potty, all I could find was one – and even that was wrongly labelled.

Dave doesn’t say exactly where he is, though I’m guessing somewhere around Pelton Road, from the pics. He mentions that this view is going to change considerably when the Lovell’s Wharf development starts to change shape. So these pictures are a little piece of Greenwich ephemera – and I love them.

Keep ‘em coming in, folks. Thanks for all those sent so far – I’ll be posting them all – but there’s always room for more…

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