Phantom Paparazzi

I’m not known for my star-spotting abilities, but luckily I don’t have to be – I have you lot for that. Benedict managed to get a pic of the almost complete ARK venue in the setting sun just before all the celebs bowled up on Thursday night:

According to wagging tongues, the ORNC refused permission at first, so the fee was doubled and money talked. As we can see…

Then, on the night, Simon got his long lens out for me (ooh-er, missus…)

So, for those of you who read Hello about as much as I do, this is Mr Ark, Arpad Busson, who runs the charity. He’s going out with Uma Thurman, apparently, though Simon didn’t see her.

Simon tells me that the revellers arrived by Thames Clipper (I’m assuming specially-chartered – I can’t really see them all lining up to pay their bus fares) and there were loads of glamorous-looking people, but since Simon had no idea who on earth they were, he didn’t bother taking pictures of them. And nor would I have done.

I know who this guy is though. Glad to see he made an effort on the clothing front. Very retro Boomtown-Rats-meet-Madness, don’t you think?

On the music side, Simon was disappointed. “Sadly no sign of any famous bands – we were hoping for a free concert but I think the marquee must have been well soundproofed because we couldn’t hear much at all when we went back later on. The College looked very impressive with all the dramatic lighting and smoke machines though.”

Quiet though it may have been inside, it would still seem it all got a bit much for Eddie Jordan (thanks for telling me who he is – I had no idea. In fact, actually, I still don’t know who he is…) who is pictured here asleep before the sun’s down…

Phew. I’m exhausted from all that second-hand stargazing. I wouldn’t last two seconds on Bizarre

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