Moving From Islington to Greenwich

Kelley asks:

We live in Islington now and are looking at buying a flat in Greenwich, on Blackheath Road. I know the Estate agents want to make it sound fantastic, and the flat itself is fab, but what do you say about the location? It’s about five minutes from the Greenwich centre, but how about the Lewisham part? Any thoughts about the area?

The Phantom replies:

What a sound move – Islington to Greenwich. I applaud you, Kelley.

Blackheath Road is, I believe, part of the A2, so, be prepared to see traffic jams outside your window on a regular basis, and check the pollution levels. For noise, check the DEFRA noise mapping site ; (thanks Stevie) I’m not sure if there’s a corresponding pollution level site.

Contrary to popular belief, there are are whole swathes of ‘Lewisham’ that are almost posher than Blackheath and Greenwich – where Blackheath and Lewisham merge, it’s extremely smart, though the smartness does tail-off as the roads reach the town centre.

Having said that, Lewisham has good shopping – a vibrancy of chains and independents, and stuff going on. I guess it’s much like Islington – in that there are swanky areas and really poor bits, though the shopping does tend towards the downmarket – more Chapel Market than Upper Street…

There are good transport links – and in Blackheath Road, you’re a cough and a spit from Greenwich town centre (though five minutes would be pushing it unless you’re in a car), Blackheath, Deptford (with a great market and a growing artistic community) not to mention The Point (a splendid vista over London) and Greenwich Park.

But go and see the place – and ask around. Try the various local estate agents too.

Good luck moving in such uncertain times…

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