How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Lula asks:

I wondered if you or your readers could let me know of any local dog rescue centres other than the battersea big type places? We’re struggling to find anywhere without driving for hours!

The Phantom replies:

I’m delighted you want to give a pet a second chance, Lula. I know Battersea seems a long way to go, but they do have the largest selection of furry friends that need new homes. If it’s driving in London you don’t care for, they have a branch at Brands Hatch which although is probably slightly further is at least not through town.

The RSPCA South East London Branch has a rehoming section too. It’s also worth asking your local vet – sometimes they have notices in the waiting room, or the vets themselves know of an animal that needs a new family.

If you’ve a hankering to other pets, you could look at the Greenwich Branch of the Cats Protection League or Greenwich Rabbit Rescue (turn the sound down on your computer when you visit this site – the music’s very loud.)

Happy Adopting.

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