House of Lords Debate

Paul posted elsewhere on the blog this transcription from a debate held in the House of Lords yesterday about the Olympics, and it makes worthwhile reading, if only for the complacency held by some on the “Oh, it will be ok, let’s just let them get on with it and every thing will be fine, I’m sure,” stance.

We can’t just ‘wait and see.’ IF the games can be held without significant damage, I’m fine with it. I have no objection in principle – I even rather like the idea. But if it means harming one of these ancient chestnuts, smashing through one ancient conduit or thundering over one ancient barrow (accidentally or otherwise) I’m at the barricades.

I noticed one well-meaning peer (Lord Addington) suggesting that “if we lose the odd tree, we plant two instead?”

Erm, despite numerous pleas by The Phantom, Homebase still doesn’t sell 300 year-old trees planted by Charles II. I will continue to lobby Dobbies (nice rhyme, huh) to get some in stock, but until they do, that’s going to be a problem. We’re stuck with the ones we’ve got.

Something that also very slightly bothers me is the attitude of some of The Friends of Greenwich Park who are mentioned here as “an important community group” (which they are – I usually have a huge amount of time for them; they’re one of my fave local associations.) Lord Oldham states that the group “seems satisfied that the site can be constructed,” but I have had several emails from FoGP members who are anything but happy about this. Are they too taking the ‘oh-I’m-sure-it-will-be-fine” stance too?

Ok – maybe this is getting hysterical. But we fail to ask questions, and ask them big now, at our peril. Just waiting and seeing is not good enough for me.

Am I getting tedious here? Ok. I’ll shut up for a few days…

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