Greenwich Wheel

Since I haven’t made it this weekend (I have been doing some splendid other stuff, about which more later…) I’ve appropriated Greenwich Lalas comments about the new wheel – which include some helpful tips. The photos are courtesy of Dave (naughty Phantom – zero effort on today’s post. Must try harder…) Anyway, Greenwich Lalas says:

“I went on Saturday afternoon and queued no more than 10 mins, and was given a gondola with just the two of us in (don’t waste your money on a private one, they pretty much will give that to you for free anyway).

I’d say 12 mins is a starting point not a guarantee, they’re not overly strict on how long you spend on it. We had more like 15 mins and 4 revolutions on it before the staff unloaded us.

I like it, it looks lovely and is a nice way to spend a little bit of time. But deary me, it’s a lot higher than it looks once you’re in one of those little pods, swinging away. We were postively queasy for the entire first revolution!”

So – sounds like it’s fun and pretty. I am especially looking forward to seeing it at night.

Anyone else been yet?

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