Aaaaarrroooo! Wolf Man’s at the Park – And The Moon’s A Balloon

Greenwich Park, sometime creepy-o’clock…

What I love about writing this blog is that all I have to do is moan I don’t have information or pictures about something – and all you lovely people rush to my assistance. We were discussing the massive night shoots for Wolf Man (starring, among others Benicio del Torro, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and all-purpose-horror-bug-a-boo-these-days Anthony Hopkins) in the park. I happened to mention I had no pics, and voila!

Vicky sent me these daytime pics – you’d never know this wall wasn’t part of the whole Greenwich Park furniture, would you – especially since it’s all night-shoots anyway. Just plywood and paint, folks, just plywood and paint. Then there is a very strange picture by Benedict of some kind of War of the Worlds alien invasion:

But what intrigues me most is this strange orb, which Vicky reckons looks like something out of Doctor Who:

Although my first thought was that it’s one of those giant paper lampshades; I can only assume that it’s actually a balloon, that during the shoot gets dangled over the set as that all-important moon. Aw, C’mon – it’s Wolf Man – you gotta have a moon…

Then Simon sent me the oddest pic of all:

Don’t get excited, UFO-spotters. He tells me “it’s a helium-filled moon balloon – held down by the three weights and there’s a coil of wire underneath it connected to a box of electricity.”

To top it off, I received this from SweetsandRuby. We mere mortals can’t get into the park at night for any closeups, but that’s not going to stop S&R. And even at this distance it’s quite a view…

Of course – if there are any Phantom-readers out there who happen to be film crew/actors/park rangers etc, then I won’t object at all to any more pics ;-)

Which brings me to that giant shindig at the ORNC last night. Any Phantom-readers who also happen to be hedge fund investors (I get a lot of them, you know…) and were gaily snapping away, send ‘em my way, baby…

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  1. Leondonet says:

    They were filming yet again in Greenwich. This time it’s for the Sherlock Holmes sequel. I saw Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.

    See this video on YouTube: