Wisteria Walk

Benedict and I have been discussing the joys of wisteria, and waiting for a good couple of weeks for that spectacular moment when the utterly stunning example of this wonderful climber on the corner Gloucester Circus and Royal Hill is in its full glory.

Well – I got the email entitled “It’s out!” this morning – and I now urge you to go and see this mauve monster in all its purple pomposity. Even Benedict himself would admit that mere photography can’t do this one justice. My favourite view is from across the road by the shops (Benedict ogles it whilst queuing in Drings) but he got right under it for this shot (and was caught at it by Kirsty…)

Indeed, since we all seem to be whipping ourselves into wisteria-frenzy (well – ok, one or two of you have enjoyed the pics; that’s frenzied enough for a poor old Phantom who needs a cup of tea and a sit down at the sight of a bunch of glads…) how about we create ourselves a Wisteria Walk?

For example, in Straightsmouth, a little purple haze goes a long way to softening that building site in the background:

Benedict also points out a rather fab example in Hyde Vale…

…and this splendid fellow in Park Vista:

More will be added as I find ‘em, then I’ll arrange them into a walk for wispy wisteria womantics… Suggestions welcomed. And don’t restrict yourselves here, folks. I’m no Wisteria fascist. I’ll take anything interesting – laburnum, clematis – whatever – if it’s lovely, wheel it in…

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