That Marquee Again

Okay, Folks, I’ve had the definitive reply from Isobel Keim at The Greenwich Foundation about that mysterious marquee. She writes:

“The giant marquee has been set up on Grand Upper Square at the Old Royal Naval College for a major charity event. On 5th June the children’s charity ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) is holding its annual Gala Dinner on site. It is a showcase event, attracting Hollywood stars and the wealthy hedge-fund community. Last year, the event raised £27m for underprivileged children around the world.”


£27m? TWENTY SEVEN MILLION? In one night? Comic Relief should just pack up and go home now. Those tickets must cost a bit more than the usual entry to ORNC events… Well, good luck to ‘em. And if you have nothing else to do, you could always go and press your noses against the plastic windows – maybe get a few piccies for the Phantom’s Scrapbook. Stargazer, me…* You might even get to hear Aerosmith – I can’t imagine those walls will be particularly well soundproofed…

* Of course most of the pics in the Phantom’s Scrapbook are of our own Chris Roberts in various poses, carefully cut out of Greenwich Time and pasted onto the sugar-paper pages for frenzied perusal after lights-out in the dorm, but I could make a little space for the odd Hollywood star. The best pic of all would be said Hollywood star shaking hands with Chris Roberts, clearly humbled to be in the presence of greatness…

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