Phantom Favourite Front Gardens (9)

Royal Hill, SE10

From the very eastern tip of Greenwich on PFFGs No8, hidden away in the Peninsula, through to much more familiar territory, this fab little cottage is like many of my fave front gardens in that it doesn’t actually have a front garden to speak of. The sheer exuberance of just a couple of well-chosen window boxes and several plumes of brightly coloured Hollyhocks are enough to brighten what could be quite austere Georgian front, giving it that slight crossover feel. Smart town house or country cottage? You decide. I love it.

BTW I took this picture last year – so don’t expect the view to be exactly the same just at the moment. The hollyhocks are high, but not out yet and the window boxes need to fill out. Give it a month or so. But if you’re interested, I also notice it’s for sale.

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