Phantom Favourite Front Gardens (8)

Alderburgh St, SE10

Right down the bottom of the Peninsula, tucked away between the various industrial estates and the A102 M flyover, two dainty little streets quietly exist in that strange place that is neither Greenwich nor Charlton, but something all of its own. Fearon St and Aldeburgh St could just be tatty little nothings tacked onto an unexciting business area – but they’re not. The residents keep them neat and tidy and there are lots of little touches in them that makes me realise that this is a community that likes being where it is, and has a little unique flavour to it.

There are some sweet window boxes and filled tubs, early-days hedges and tidy flowerpots, but my favourite is an unassuming Victorian terraced house on Aldeburgh St with topiary grandeur punching above its weight.

Two great boxes of box, stepped like Aztec pyramids, a pair of square ‘braziers’ burst with an unfettered ‘flame’ of tufty growth on top from a simple brick wall. There is nothing else to muddy the view – no extra flowers, ornaments, hanging baskets, gnomes, wishing wells or birdbaths – and that’s what makes this statement so bold.

A gardener of taste lives here.

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