Mysterious Marquee

In the few hours I’ve been out and about no fewer than three people, Owen, DeeBee and Anon have all asked the same thing. What is that strange marquee thing going up in between the two main buildings of the Old Royal Naval College?

I’ve been wondering myself – I had thought that it was perhaps something to do with the new Obsevation Wheel – though it seems a bit early and in the wrong place for that.

Owen wondered if it had something to do with the beer festival, and Anon thought it might be yet another film shoot.

My current best-guess is a temporary visitor centre while they dicker with the new “Discovery Greenwich” building, though why on earth they would think that was a good venue for it is beyond me.

Fear not, though, folks, I have emailed the ORNC – perhaps they’ll let us know what’s going on…

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