Helicopters Again

Russ asks:

“Did someone start a war over Blackheath and Greenwich? There’s a sudden influx of military helicopters regularly flying overhead, are the US invading us soon or what?Your answer would be appreciated.”

The Phantom replies:

This is a constant occupational hazard, living here. We’re directly beneath the holding pattern for light helicopters waiting permission to enter London airspace – but in comparison to those massive Chinooks, who are a law unto themselves, the commercial craft pale into the soft humming sounds of summer alongside the purring engines of a distant petrol mower and the crack of leather against willow.

I have to say that most of the time it doesn’t really bother me too much, but this weekend it did get quite heavy-going. At one point a helicopter flew so low that I actually thought it was in trouble.

Whatever, at some point, we may be able to do about commercial flights, I’m guessing there’s nothing can be done about the military stuff – we’re stuck with them. They do what they damn please.

On a slightly different note, maybe someone can help me out with a small physics question. The blades on a Chinook. DO they go round in opposite directions to each other (they appear to) and how does that work, then?

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