Greenwich Time

I hadn’t intended starting the week with a grumble, but the fluffy piece I was working on has proved to be, ahem, A Bit Long, and, given that Real Work awaits, it will have to hang on until tomorrow.

So in the meanwhile, I’d like to ask your thoughts on this.

Lord knows, I didn’t vote for Boris Johnson. And yes, I’m scared. Really quite scared. But there’s one thing I applaud him for. He’s axed that godawful waste of innocent trees, The Londoner.

A grotesque puff-piece that gave virtually no information worth having and acted merely as one big photo-opportunity for Ken to show off, it is, IMHO, a good saving. I just hope he puts the money to good use.

But of course, this brings me to our own local waste of innocent trees. What on earth is Greenwich Time good for? Photos of Chris Roberts posing with a piece of litter over a waste bin. Photos of Chris Roberts with a group of schoolchildren tidying an old person’s garden. Photos of Chris Roberts handing over a giant cheque to some charity. Photos of Chris Roberts shaking hands with some obscure ‘community leader.’ Photos of Chris Roberts on his own.

What does it actually do? What purpose does it serve that taking out a couple of pages in the News Shopper couldn’t? There’s no actual news. The features smack of ‘filler;’ the list of available council houses only goes to show how few there are and how needy you have to be to actually qualify to get one.

Even the addition of Tony Lord (I like reading Tony Lord and have missed him since I don’t get The Mercury any more) smacks of desperation. Greenwich Council needs to face up to the fact that they don’t have enough to say to warrant what I swear is a now-weekly paper (and if it isn’t, it feels like it.)

Greenwich Time is an irrelevant waste of money, paper and Tony Lord. I would happily see it go and the money spent on something worthwhile. I don’t care what. Something that would actually benefit the community.

What do you think? Do you agree? Is it an easily expendable extravagance?

But maybe you actually like it? Maybe you wait by the door for your regular fix of Chris Roberts piccies, ready to cut out and paste into your fan-album? Tell The Phantom…

BTW, as I was writing this I thought “I bet GreenwichWatch have something to say about this.” And they do. Check it out here

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