Fishmonger News

Or maybe it’s Olds for some of you but it’s certainly news for me. For months people have been finding some very erratic opening hours at the Trafalgar Road branch, including me and today, after making a special walk to get some fish (working on the “it’s Friday morning – if a fish shop is going to be open any time it will be then” approach) and finding the shutters down again, I emailed the Fishmonger team to find out once and for all what’s happening.

Emma replies:

“Unfortunately, we have had to close the Trafalgar Road shop. All of our business is now out of the Circus Street/Royal Hill branch. We are in the process of updating the web site with the new information and that should be working within a week or so. We are open in Circus Street from Tuesday to Friday 8.00 till 5.00 and on Saturday from 7.30 until 4.30. We are closed the day after a bank holiday as the inshore fishermen do not go to sea on a public holiday.”

So – I’ve gone from being a grumpy Phantom to a sad Phantom. I guess it’s good that we’ve at least got a fishmonger in Greenwich – but once again yet another good quality shop is over in the west, leaving the east with another closed storefront…

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