Closed Cut-Through

My, my, what a flurry of Greenwich Park-ery. I’m going to move on today, folks, but don’t think for a moment I’m going to let that paticular issue lie. I’m going to be returning to the fate of our park, with its trees, quirky features, archaeological remains, ancient trees and – hell – its collection of lovely nooks and open spaces to just go and sit – on a tediously regular basis.

But before normal service is completely resumed, Rod has brought another thing to my attention. It may not quite measure up to the possible destruction of Greenwich Park in priority, but it’s yet another little quality-of-life thing.

He writes:

What’s the story with that little cut-through that starts by the Post Office (opposite the Rivington and the Clocktower Market) and takes you through two bends over the railway line and into Randall Place (or is it Straightsmouth at that precise point – yes probably is)? It just says “Footpath Closed”, and there’s obviously building work going on. Nowhere does it say “temporarily”, or explain anything really. I know this doesn’t compare to many other local issues, like the destruction of the Park for example, but I’ve used that alley for over 25 years and I don’t see how it can be taken out of public use (except temporarily) just like that.

The Phantom replies:

I don’t know, to be honest, Rod, but perhaps someone here will. I assume it’s temporary, but it’s worth an ask. Is the name of the builder written anywhere on the scaffolding? There may be a temporary closure notice on it at the council planning office. I’m a bit up against stuff just now (having spent FAR too long on park-stuff yesterday) but someone here may have some extra info…

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