Catchment Areas

Anon (ahem) asks:

Does anyone know if there is a catchment area for Halstow Road School? We live not far away (Dinsdale Road) and it seems that kids in our street are being sent to the Millennium school. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Millenium school but for those of us who don’t drive and have to get a tandem buggy on public transport, it seems a bit of a schlep, with Halstow around the corner. I just assumed that Halstow would be our nearest school.

The Phantom replies:

I heard it was something ridiculous, like 0.2 of a mile but that was something like third-hand, so don’t take my word for it.

My first thought when I read this was the whole postcode thing – Halstow, being north of the railway tracks, is SE10, you being south, will be SE3 – but that’s clearly not going to work as the Milennium will also be SE10. I think it’s just that Halstow seems to be so popular that the catchment area is tiny. Know anyone in Halstow Road you can rent a room from?

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  1. Halstow parent says:

    Just to warn house-buyers about Estate Agents comments on catchment areas: be very wary! My sister today in Woodlands Park Rd was told it's "near the very good Halstow" which she knew was NO WAY close enough.
    For two years now half-way up Annandale has been the cut-off for Halstow and even roads as close as Kirkside and Dinsdale are not close enough.

  2. Just Wondering.. says:

    Did anyone get their child into Halstow School from as far afield as Combedale Road for year starting 2010? Is it the catchment really that small??!

  3. local resident says:

    I live about 200 metres from Halstow school and have no interest in schools. However it does strike me that if the catchment area is so small surely all the children could walk to school – at school run time the roads are packed with cars which leads me to think that some underhand techniques for obtaining a place have taken place. This makes the roads busy, dangerous and bad for the environment. I don’t really understand the appeal either. Halstow children are always dressed very scruffily as apposed to the very smartly dressed Invicta school children who walk past our house on their way to school – surely their local school would’ve been Halstow? All very odd.

  4. methers says:

    You used to be able to find out this kind of information on the Greenwich Council website, but I can’t see it there now.

    Last year, the catchment area for Halstow School was 306m. The year before it was 363m. Combedale Road should be fine – Dinsdale Road is well outside.

    If you’re concerned about people fiddling their way into Halstow or any other school you should go and tell your councillor about your concerns. The more people that complain, the more likely they are to do something about it.

    Also, before the election there was talk of increasing the number of places at Halstow. It would be interesting to find out if that’s still the plan.

  5. jc says:

    It is quite frustrating, as Halstow is our closest school, but we are not close enough to gain a place. From what I researched, Halstow has a 100% rating and is very good as far as a busy public school can get, compared to Invicta, which has it’s ups and downs with changes in the upper teaching tiers, and not rated anywhere nearly as high. We decided to send our child to a private school some 15 minutes drive away as it was less academic and a calmer environment to most of the closer private schools. I’m not sure how long we can afford this, but as the children become older, my chances of working more balances out the expense. It is a very frustrating confusing time, entering your child into education. I am aware that as circumstances has it, families increase, and often the elder child has a place at a popular school such as Halstow, the family move for more space but siblings get first choice, hence the amount of cars traveling to the school. Hope this helps…

  6. iv says:

    JC – would you mind sharing what street you live on please? Reason for my interest is that I am looking to buy in SE10, not specifically for halstow school but if I find something in the catchment area then I would obviously jump at it. Thank you.

  7. Fingal says:

    Hi, we live at the top end of fingal street 290 meters from halstow. You’d think that was near enough to get in but the catchment area for 2011-12 is 270 meters! 21 of the 44 places went to siblings. Defo something underhand is happening. if you live that near surely you wouldn’t need to drive!!