Wolf Man Again

I went down last night to try to catch some of Wolf Man being shot (most of the shooting is at night for fairly obvious reasons…) Annoyingly I couldn’t get very close but could see that it’s WELL worth going down and having a nosey if you can – especially today/night – about more of which later. The whole of the central path has been made into a “road”, complete with trees, lamp posts and sundry shops/ signs etc.

I went down again this morning to get a closer look at the set. It’s all ‘put away to one side,’ but you can see quite a lot and the security men are desperate to chat about it to anyone who passes by. The extra ‘walls and gates’ are made out of wood – but even up close they’re very convincing. Seems rather a shame to think they’ll all go on the bonfire afterwards.

You can get very close during the day, and that might be a good time to see stuff. This afternoon they’ll be rehearsing a stunt where a guy (the Wolf Man?) will leap from the tower above the Painted Hall. It will be shot tonight.

The best place to see it by night seems to be the Thames Path, by the King’s Steps. From the street there are giant arc lights between the set and the public which make the Nosey Parker’s job more difficult, but the path, though a long way away, has a clear-ish view. I also stood at the Park Row end, looking from the gates, but got quite a lot of hassle from a very jumped-up security guard.

Luckily most of them are lovely and have really got into the spirit of the thing. One of them gave me a very graphic description of the Wolf Man’s make up (including actions and faces…) and ‘hydraulic springs’(the mind boggles) attached to his feet.

I commented that it must be the biggest set I’d seen but the chap at the gate told me with much glee that both National Treasure 2 (now there’s a rubbish film…) and The Duchess (out in the summer) were bigger. Nevertheless, well over £150m is being lavished on Wolf Man.

Also lovely were the extras (over 170 of them last night, I was told) who were happy to pose for me, even though I was clambering up the wall and clinging onto the railings to get the shot.
Do get down and see this free show while you can – today, especially, seems like a good opportunity. Then we can all sit in the cinema at Wolf Man and point and shout “that’s Greenwich” every five seconds, to the annoyance of everyone else.

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