Why This One?

No – it’s not a scene from some ex-Soviet suburb. It’s the only one of those blocks of flats at Maze Hill that’s been spared in the demolition-fest that’s been going on for some time. They whipped the others down in a matter of weeks, but this one’s stayed. Does anyone know why? Who did this block sleep with in order to continue to stand proud when the others, which seem to be of much the same architectural merit (i.e. none) get flattened?

My only guess is that the other two (were there two? My memory is short at best…) were razed to make way for luxury flats, whilst this one has been kept to be ‘refurbished’ as the obligatory ‘affordable’ accommodation. Is my cynicism justified? I’ve seen no plans at all for this area, though of course the whole Woodlands debacle rumbles tediously on in the background…

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