Tunnel Closure?

Pat asks:

Someone was telling me recently that they had heard that the north bound Blackwall Tunnel was due to be closed for a period of months for refurbishment.And they thought that it was a 24/7 closure rather than the odd bit of weekend work.I have searched and can find no info. on this but I have a niggling feeling that I had heard mention of this a year or so ago and was wondering if you had any information.

The Phantom replies:

I’d be very surprised if there was to be any major closure in the near future given the Northbound tunnel’s only just re-opened after refurbishment, but I wouldn’t put anything beyond TfL. I’d really hope they would publicise something as major as this – and I certainly haven’t heard anything like it. I’m sure Tunnelbore would have talked about it at length.

So – fingers crossed, a tentative “I really don’t think so.” Anyone know anything more?

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