The Phantom’s Proxy Marathon

Thank you sending me photos of the marathon, guys. I felt (almost) as if I were there – minus the freezing cold and the rain, of course…)

Kirsty’s pics show the camaraderie that the marathon invokes. And I can see that by the time the runners passed Woolwich Road at least, they were all still wearing their costumes, smiling – and the sun was out.

Benedict was a little further up the way (though not that much) and experiencing a completely different marathon. He admits he was utterly freezing and that rain was threatening – so I owe him a big thank you for sticking it out long enough to get pictures.

Lloyd Scott and his Iron Man costume are taking it a step at a time and he won’t be finishing ’til Friday (so it’s possible we may see him yet) but Benedict did find a lady on stilts

At first I thought the guy behind her was flagging already – until I realised that he appears to be dragging a sandwich board.

And that’s what I love about the London Marathon. All the others around the world seem to take themselves so seriously. We just arse about and have fun (if you can call wearing a filthy, smelly rhinoceros suit for 26 miles ‘fun…’)

I particularly liked this nurse…

…though I’m not convinced she would have approved of this naughty dog who’s taken his head off (a surreal thought) and is enjoying a sneaky fag…

I’ll email Lloyd Scott’s team and see if they know when he’s going to pass us. I don’t hold out much hope for catching him this time, but I’ll suggest he puts an estimated time on various points on his website for next year…

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