The Phantom Shopping List

Folks I’m being called away over the next couple of weekends – just as stuff in Greenwich is hotting-up. So I have a favour to ask you. There are at least three events I’m gutted to be missing – so if anyone gets any pictures, I’d be really keen to see them…

1) Plaque unveiling, The Spread Eagle, Sunday 6th.

Dick Moy was one of Life’s characters – and a Greenwich fixture. Without his efforts in the 60s and 70s it would be a very different place. Indeed the landscape of the town has changed since he died a year or so ago; some would say not for the better. A plaque to his memory is being placed on the wall of the Spread Eagle Restaurant, his old gaff, on Sunday. I don’t know the time of it, but I’m sure someone here does.

2) The Olympic Flame reaching The O2.

About 6.00pm on Sunday 6th, if it’s not delayed by large amounts of people in orange (ironic really – if the Dome was sponsored by a different phone company, the government could pass the protesters off as an advertising stunt…) I’m suspecting that at least a few people will be ingenious enough to evade the police, and any pics that will embarrass the Chinese government will be welcome here…

3) I really can’t believe I’m missing the London Marathon on Sunday 13th. . It feels very wrong indeed to know I won’t be there – I find it hard to think back to a time when it wasn’t part of my Greenwich year.

The bit I’m most disappointed about will be Lloyd Scott who, even if the name doesn’t ring a bell at first, will be known to you. He’s the guy who wore a deep sea diver’s costume, complete with lead boots and brass mask and took about a week to finish a few years ago. The miserable marathon gits refused to give him a finisher’s certificate, but last time I was in the National Maritime Museum, his outfit was in there with a special label, so I guess he got the last laugh.

Last year, he went as Indiana Jones, dragging a whopping-great rock behind him, and this year, this year, he’s got an amazing-looking costume – he’s going as the Iron Giant.

He’ll be on stilts inside a massive tin-man outfit, (9ft x 4ft) complete with flashing eyes and moving robot parts, which will slow him down considerably, but probably still not enough for me to get back in time to see him. There’s no estimate of how long he’ll take to get to Greenwich on the website, but if any of you get any pictures – especially if he’s against some fabbo local background (who knows – that Wolf Man set might still be there – now that would be surreal…) – I’d love to see them.

Of course there’s bound to be other great stuff going on and if I’ve missed an event out, don’t feel I don’t want to know about it…

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