The Importance of Being Earnest

Becki has been telling me how good The Importance of Being Earnest is at Greenwich Theatre – and she’s shocked by how few people are in the audience when it’s so very good.

She says:

“It is a fantastic production with wonderfully engaging characters and great sets! I can almost quote the play by heart because it is one of my favorite plays, but I still laughed at the same jokes because the actors and actresses were so engaging. “

I guess I’m partly to blame – I had season tickets last season and went to see practically everything, whether I liked the look of it or not. I ended up seeing several things I really enjoyed that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and it was such a cheap way of going that I could slip out during the interval if I wasn’t enjoying it (which I confess I did on one show – and would have done on another if it had had an interval.) Thing was, I just didn’t fancy most of what was on this time so didn’t bother. Perhaps I wasn’t alone if seats are empty.

After Becki’s raving, though, I really meant to go last night. Sadly, Life got in the way and I didn’t make it. But it sounds very good indeed. So – if you’re stuck for something to do tonight or tomorrow (it’s only on till Saturday) get tickets here. Let me know what you think.

I’ll get another season ticket next time, whatever’s scheduled – otherwise I just won’t get around to going and, thinking about it, I’ve missed going to the theatre recently. I just hope there’s more on that I want to see…

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