Thai Massage

A real toughie here. Rico asks:

“I have scoured the internet but can’t find any practitioners doing traditional Thai massage in the Greenwich area. Greenwich Natural Health Centre on Royal Hill seem the most likely place, but they do not appear to offer Thai masage, which is the particular kind I am after. Do you know of anywhere?”

The Phantom has burned shoe leather on this one.

I confess I had to actually ask what made a Thai massage any different from other sorts of massage (getting a most interesting – and graphic – response from one friend – actions, everything…) Sounds like something worth trying at least once, but I can’t see you managing to do it round here. I have been to all the usual alternative therapy-type suspects I could think of and drawn a blank. I’ve asked around, looked in complimentary-healthy-style leaflets and done an internet trawl. I’ve found several people saying they’d like to try one – but no one who actually does it. Maybe, just maybe, one of you knows.

In the meanwhile, I apologise in advance for whatever ads Google comes up with down the side of this post…

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