Patisseries/Bakeries in Greenwich

Meike asks:

I wondered if you happened to know any good bakery / patisserie in Greenwich? We’re looking for something French if possible, similar to Paul’s.

The Phantom replies:

To my great sadness no, I don’t. Not in Greenwich. A couple of places – the fishmonger, the cheesemonger, the deli – sell the odd loaf of bread, there is a stall on the market and Buenos Aires up Royal Hill sells slices of cake and sweet little natas tarts. But there’s no dedicated patisserie/bakery I know of; one of the more glaring gaps in the Greenwich Pantheon of shops. There is a (literal) bakery around the back of the Power Station – but it only makes bread – as far as I know there is no retail outlet.

People looking for business ideas, take note.

Indeed, they should take note of Blackheath, which has not one, but two fabulous patisserie/bakeries, almost next door to each other. Of the two, the exquisite Hand Made Foods I tend to think of as more of a deli than Boulangerie Jade, which is, I suspect, exactly what you’re looking for. Melting cakes, wonderful bread, rolls and croissants and good coffee are just the start of it. Ok – so it’s a bus ride or a brisk walk across the heath – but it should just mean you have even more room for the lovely gooey goodies purveyed.

I am not always jealous of Blackheath. In fact, I’m not usually jealous of Blackheath. But I do envy them their baked goods. Wonderful.

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