New Restaurant on the Thames

Chris asks:

“I live at Anchor Iron Wharf next to the old Power Station and was wondering is you can give me an update on what is the happening the glass fronted restaurant owned by Frank Dowling, I believe it is going to be called the viewpoint bar, local intelligence suggests it was meant to be open in Jan of this year, but as you are probably fully aware it has remained an empty shell ever since I moved in as the first resident over 5 years ago.”

The Phantom replies:

Curiously (and sadly, too – I think they could do with all the PR they can get and, contrary to popular belief, I am not totally anti-Inc) I am not part of Greenwich Inc’s network of marketing contacts so I guess I have about as much idea as you about what’s going on there, Chris. I certainly don’t think it would be a disaster – after all, it’s an empty space just now; they’re not taking over someone else’s place and it would be good to get something in there (I’m curious about that bit of land in front, btw – is it really theirs to slap a ‘private’ sign on, or has it been appropriated? I think we should be told.) I think it’s somewhere that could be quite good, if they get it right.

I don’t, incidentally, think the Cutty Sark pub is in any danger – it has a loyal clientele and any new place would attract its own custom.

Certainly at the moment there seems to be a big fat zero on the activity meter at – what did you call it – the Viewpoint Bar. I would hope that something will happen soon – either that or that they get off the pot…

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