New Micro Brewery

Thanks to Simon for this intriguing snippet:

I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about a new bar/micro-brewery that’s being planned for Cutty Sark Gardens? I noticed a planning application sign when I was out the other day and found the details on the council website (

Number 2 is the building next to the tourist office, opposite the Cutty Sark.

It’ll probably end up being another Greenwich Inc. place but there’s always the slim chance that we might be getting a new bar with some decent ales!

The Phantom is intrigued. From the application it would seem that the building is the old brewery of the Royal Naval College – being turned back into one. I like to hope that we’ll have some variety in the ownership of things in central Greenwich – maybe The ORNC will run it themselves (preferably not Leiths – they seem to make everything so corporate and – well – ‘catering’ ) – and I certainly hope you’re not right and it’s Greenwich Inc, but any interesting independent will do me. I guess we’ll just have to find out. They should ahve a ready supply of custom with all those students…

Anyone got any more news on this?

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