Marathon Advice

Folks – I’m off on my travels in a minute, but before I go, a little Marathon Advice from Benedict, if you’re going to take some lovely pics for me… He says:

“Take some step ladders! Even those little kitchen ones are good, it gets so packed you cant get to the front to see. I did it last year to photograph the runners coming round The Cutty Sark, plus when you need a break you can let some families with kids have a look, and get an enormous sense of well being when you see the kids grateful smiles! Hope to be doing the same this year.”

The Phantom adds

A mac will be useful too, if the BBC weatherman is right. No umbrellas – or the people behind you will beat you up.

So. Don’t forget:

Tonight: The Importance of Being Earnest – Greenwich Theatre (see below)
Tomorrow: Underground Greenwich Walk (see Parish News)
Sunday: Lloyd Scott as The Iron Giant in the Marathon (see below…)

Happy Greenwich Weekend Folks…

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