Inline Woes

A red-faced Nigel has raised the issue of rollerblading in Greenwich Park:

“I have just walked back from Greenwich park after being told by the local plod, that Roller Blading was ‘banned in the park’. I asked since when; he replied ‘Since forever, we have been told that any offenders must be reported.’ WOW!

He didn’t report me as I believe he felt a bit stupid telling me, but that’s it, all the kids, families who bought their shiny blades have nowhere to go. Unless you can suggest somewhere?”

The Phantom replies:

You know I’ve always had a sneaking desire to have a go at rollerblading. I haven’t, of course, having a) no sense of balance b) no sense of co-ordination c) no level of personal fitness, but all the same it looks fun.

I can understand why they don’t want people bombing around Greenwich Park (especially people like me – I really would be a danger to myself and others) but it does seem a shame that there isn’t anywhere to play safely.

The Thames Path would be one option – though please – not the bit outside the Royal Naval College – I’m always being buffeted by cyclists who insist on ploughing their bikes through the people walking there when it’s only five foot wide, and rollerblades would just make it worse. That really narrow bit’s only about 100 metres long for heaven’s sake – can’t they just walk that little distance? The rest is fine – I cycle myself there – but that tiny path’s crazy.

For the moment, I reckon that the Peninsula has wide enough paths and few enough people for you to be able to work up a bit of speed without too many problems.

I’ve always thought that that bit under the Woolwich Road Flyover could be adapted to make a skateboard park – though the fumes would, naturally, hasten an early death for the participants.

Any other suggestions?

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