Greenwich in the Snow

There in spirit, at least…
Would you Adam & Eve it? I go away for two days. TWO DAYS. And Greenwich becomes some kind of Snow Paradise – just for long enough for everyone to enjoy it before melting away to nothing for my arrival home.
My cab driver regaled me with stories of taking his kids tobogganing in four-inches of snowy loveliness (though judging from Benedict’s photo, he may have been exaggerating…) but all I saw was the odd stubborn patch left on parked cars. Pah.
Luckily you have come to my rescue – thank you to Benedict, Mike and Ros…
So. Tell me – was it really as fab as my cabbie said? (I don’t care if he was exaggerating by the way – he also gave me a top tip for a new place to check out, so I’ll forgive him a spot of hubris – watch this space…) What did you get up to to celebrate the short flowering of the Snow Season?

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