Black Plumes and Clattering Cobbles

Shannon says:

“At about 12:30 today along college approach I saw a very fancy horse drawn carriage go by with two very fine black horses prancing quickly; each had a huge black feather/plume on its head and silver bridles; two men driving the carriage also very nicely dressed; the small carriage was black and had a coffin it it and then a small box at the back of the carriage; the carriage itself was all enclosed with glass so you could see inside; 3 or so black herses follwed it……all going quite fast…… any ideas what this was about?”

The Phantom replies:

Sounds like a good old fashioned Sarf-East London funeral to me. There are a couple of undertakers who still keep all that clobber for people who like that kind of thing. I tend to think ‘gangsters’ when I see them, though I’m sure that ordinary folk do it too. It’s not so long ago that saving up for a grand funeral was a major deal, and there are still people who set a lot of store by it. There will no doubt be a serious knees-up later in a traditional English pub with all the whelks and jellied eels you can eat, guv. Not my bag – but each to his own. We all have our own way of dealing with death.

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