A Note On Photo Use

Folks – I just want to point out a little thing about pictures on this site.

Most of the photos (well, the rubbish ones, really) on this blog are by me. But I also get sent pictures by lots of different readers, who send them in good faith. Good faith that they are sent to ME for use HERE.

I don’t hold copyright to these pictures – it’s retained by the original photographers. It’s always easy to see if I’m using someone else’s work because I credit them every time, usually in the body of the piece because of the weird way that Blogger formats photos.

If there’s a picture I’VE taken on the blog, you are welcome to use it (I’d appreciate a credit but it’s not essential.) Go ahead.

But I CANNOT give permission to use any picture taken by someone else that appears here. Please contact me if you want to use someone else’s photographs and I will put you in touch with them. Don’t just nick the picture. It’s bad manners.

Blimey. I’m a grumpy old Phantom today. So in order to cheer myself up I’ve been going through said photos and have found this one apropos to nothing, from Benedict, showing the Amazing Harrier Jump Jet Crows of Blackheath.

Cue renditions of When I See An Elephant Fly…

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