A New Heart for East Greenwich

I have had several enquiries from people who have heard that there are stirrings at the old hospital site. At least one person was reading ‘a letter’ over someone’s shoulder on the bus and asked me if I’d received it. Well, I hadn’t. Apparently only selected residences seem to be getting it and mine is not one of them.

But I have now been sent a copy of it by one of you lovely readers, so I thought I’d share it with you:

31st March 2008

Dear Resident,


As you may be aware, First Base is working with English Partnerships on the redevelopment of the former Greenwich District Hospital site. The project will regenerate a large piece of East Greenwich and create a new mixed use neighbourhood, providing new community facilities and high quality housing, with an emphasis on much needed affordable homes for local key workers.

The proposals include a new multi-purpose building, the ‘Greenwich Centre’, comprising a leisure centre and spa, library, council information centre and health centre as well as new public open space. The proposed scheme also includes a range of sustainability initiatives in response to the growing concerns over climate change and the Government’s drive towards low energy homes.
I am writing to inform you that we have now submitted the planning application for the proposed scheme to London Borough of Greenwich and the application documents are available for viewing at the Council’s offices in Woolwich, Peggy Middleton House.
The application submission follows a series of public consultation events held at The Forum in Greenwich which included two informal resident drop-in sessions and two public exhibitions during September and October last year as well as a newsletter which was distributed to local residents and businesses in September summarising the key elements of our proposals. The application submission responds to the comments made at the consultation events as well as discussions with a number of statutory bodies.
You can find an abbreviated version of the planning application on our website (www.firstbase.com/greenwich) which can be viewed and downloaded. Our website also includes the material presented at the various public consultation events held last year.
We would be happy to respond to any queries you may have on the application. I am contactable either by telephone on 020 7851 5515 or by email at rob.clarke@firstbase.com.
Yours sincerely,

Robert Clarke
Development Manager

So. Have they actually taken any notice whatsoever of our concerns? Those traffic issues, for example? Or the fact that they’re proposing a whole load of new shops when the ones we have lie empty?

I don’t know. But we need to get down to the council offices, see those plans and get talking.

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