The Lucky Greenwich Dromedary

The Royal Standard, Pelton Rd, SE10
Benedict, who clearly has too much time on his hands, has sent me this great picture of the splendid fellow outside The Royal Standard pub in Pelton Road. I think he must once have been a Christmas decoration, but was such a hit he just stayed there. He’s been there for bloomin’ yonks now, and somehow the place just wouldn’t look the same without him. He seems to be caught in what looks like a rather alarming net – presumably that’s fairly lights, though I’ve not seen them lit. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about him, most of which seem to be variations on his granting three wishes to anyone who climbs up, gives him a carrot and a mince pie, and pats him on Christmas Eve, from which has arisen the moniker of the Lucky Greenwich Dromedary.

There’s is something strange about that reindeer, wishes or not. If you click on the pic you can see it better and blow me, if it isn’t actually some kind of humpless camel with a saddle on its back and antlers attached. Part of a recycled fairground ride, perhaps?

This kind of customisation is something of which I approve, and I’ve set my mind to thinking how other sculptures in Greenwich could be improved with little extras. William IV with deelyboppers, perhaps? The Throne of Earthly Kings with some comfy cushions? It’s a good job Knife Edge isn’t still with us – it would have made a fantastic maypole. Maybe we should have a special festival of ‘improved’ statues? I certainly enjoyed the Cannon-In-A-Condom recently.

And what of Nelson, which Stevie (who sent this pic) and I have been agreeing is easily the ugliest statue in Greenwich? Certainly that pale green furniture does nothing for him. The only improvement I can think of for this strangely amphibian incarnation would be a paper bag…

Any other suggestions for funky additions to Greenwich Scuptures?

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