The First One’s Always Free…

Folks, you may have noticed I didn’t post this weekend. There is a reason for that.

Some friends who have my well being at heart began to quietly mention that perhaps my topics of conversation were becoming – well, a bit one-dimensional. Whatever subject they happened to be talking about, I would pipe up with “That’s interesting. You know in Greenwich they’ve got a…” or “Back in 1786 there was a guy in Greenwich who…” or “I know a firm in Greenwich that does that…”

It started innocently enough. A livejournal account that I’d update on an occasional basis. I never thought I’d actually get replies – I intended to just burble to the ether. I didn’t inhale.

It’s easy to slip though.

I told them I could give up any time I wanted. I hardly noticed that my bedside table was beginning to become covered in the kind of paraphernalia only associated with hardcore usage. Obscure volumes about Greenwich. Lecture notes from 80 year-old talks about Greenwich. Co-ordinates for long-lost Greenwich plaques. My diary had been bowdlerised to take in Greenwich events. My idea of getting away from it all was looking at various Greenwich’s around the world as possible holiday destinations.

There was nothing for it. I had to go cold turkey. Just for one weekend. To prove that I really could give it up if I wanted to. The computer didn’t go on at all on Saturday. On Sunday it only went on to yield the address (in Hackney) of a party.

I can do it. If I want to. But I don’t.

So now I’m mainlining again. Greenwich should be reclassified.

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