Sheepish Phantom

This has to be the oddest Ask The Phantom I’ve had so far…

Mark asks:

My girl is absolutely mad about sheep. Cotswold sheep, in specific. Unfortunately she is stuck over in the states in a completely sheepless area. So, for her birthday which is coming up in early April, I thought I would go and try and collect images of her obsession for a sheep-focussed birthday love-letter. (My word, that does sound problematic…)

Now, I have heard rumours of some unknown species of sheep being kept in a park somewhere in or near Greenwich and I’m aware that there’s an urban farm in Mudchute just across the Thames… but would you, or any of your readers, happen to know of more locations I might find sheep in the general area? Cotswolds are the preferred breed, but I’ll take any I can find. Unfortunately I am unable to get myself over to the Cotswolds, the obvious place to search, and am otherwise limited to the general London area, Greenwich being the one in which I live and work.

Unfortunately other people’s pictures of sheep don’t help, it’s just… not going to be the same unless I go out and photograph the sheep myself!

The Phantom replies:

Woodlands Farm Trust has four varieties of sheep – Romney, Suffolk, Texel and Lleyn. Sadly no Cotswold baa-lambs there, but a bit further up the Thames than Lechlade…

At Maryon Wilson Park in Charlton you can actually ‘adopt’ a sheep for your girl. They don’t mention varieties, but they all have names – like poor Mylo who is missing an ear after being attacked by a dog a couple of years back when vandals smashed up the enclosure.

There’s another City Farm – Surrey Docks Farm – along the Thames Path around Bermondsey. It doesn’t appear to have a website.

You know, I’m sure I’ve seen photos by none other than our very own Benedict that included sheep. Of course I might have been hallucinating. It doesn’t sound very likely, I know, but…Benedict? I know you’re more into toads these days – but can you help a young couple?

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