Photography Club/Darkroom

Phil asks:

I was wondering if you knew of any local photography clubs that might (quite literally) offer ‘development opportunities’?

My wife is a keen photographer but would like to develop her own photos (still in the analogue age!) using a darkroom/enlarger/liquids etc – are there any either in Greenwich or possibly slightly further afield (I would have thought Goldsmiths would have some facilities but I doubt if they’re available for use by the public)?

The Phantom replies:

You know, Phil, only in the last week have I seen a local course charmingly described as “analogue photography,” but I can’t for the life of me remember where. In the meanwhile, though, Greenwich Community College’s Greenwich Park site does a couple of courses in traditional photography and printing.

It would be worth talking to the folks at Viewfinder Gallery – they don’t, I believe, do courses themselves, but I bet they know of people who do.

Aperture is the Woolwich Photographic Club – founded in 1892, and appears to be very active.

I know there are a lot of photographers who drop by this blog – maybe they can help you further…

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