Is There More Crime In The Area?

ScaredofChives asks:

Is there more crime in ‘the area’ ?

I ask because:

1- For the first time I witnessed a teenager on a bike looking into each and every car window – clearly to steal something (never seen this before)
2 – There seems to have been loads of smashed car windows in the back streets recently (near Maze Hill, for example)
3 – Eric in the Trafalgar Road newsagents got beaten up outside Sainsburys at 7pm by two guys wanting money – he’s on crutches and his jaw is wired-up
4 – Steve the Threshers manager got held up on Monday by someone with a ‘gun’ in his jacket – he tackled him and the bloke ran off

All these have happened in the last 3 weeks.

Yes, it’s London etc…

The Phantom says:

Well – I’ve certainly seen all the smashed windows around Maze Hill – some of them hung around for ages which implied to me that they were dumped stolen cars.

Poor Eric. Hope he gets better soon.

I confess that I still don’t feel particularly unsafe around here. Ok – I’m not going to hang around Wetherspoons on a Saturday night or wander round the backstreets in some areas, but that’s always been the case. I walked through the Park alone after dark the other night and the only frightening thing was the unpleasant Parkie who told me most aggressively that it was closing. I knew damn well it was closing but I could only walk so fast…

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