Greenwich Shudders – And Yet The Phantom Is Unmoved

Blackheathen writes:

There was just blissful silence in my flat as I lay single in my bed for two (aaahhh!) waiting to drop off when there was the briefest but most palpable of shudders. My very first thought was, that was an earthquake somewhere. Don’t be mad, my inner voice said.

So it was no surprise this morning to hear the news. But so far away? Is this a record?

I even heard talk of a row of bicycles falling over in Amsterdam.

The Phantom confesses to having had a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep. But did anyone else witness bumps in the night as the biggest Earthquake to shake Britain in 20 years rippled out our way?

Perhaps now is the appropriate moment to introduce you to a site that a pal of mine has helped create. Did The Earth Move For You? will compute exactly how far the earth moved while you were enjoying your personal moment of perfect bliss. So that’s what scientists get up to in their spare time…

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