I notice the grilles have come off The Old Friends. Does this mean it’s reopening as a dive – or is someone taking it over? Of course there is the third option that it’s being made into luxury flats. I have no idea. Any clues, folks?

I also note that Channers, that oddly ill-conceived coffee shop that opened one day without anyone noticing and never seemed to get off the ground, has gone. It’s now labelled “Sonias Deli Cafe,” but further than that I know nothing. The shutters were down – maybe it’s not open yet.

Katja has just reminded me of something else. She writes:

I walked on Sunday past the premises of now closed “Alamo – Texican restaurant” and noticed that there is few empty deli counters inside, however there was no other indication what is going to happen to the place. Perhaps we are getting new deli?

It could be a new cafe – the kitchens would support coffee, cakes and sandwiches. Let’s just hope it’s not the same company that’s done the last two eateries on that spot…

One more thing. That new layout around the memorials in the front of Devonport House. There’s now a pair of (shut) wide vehicle-entry gates at the east end of it, by the bus stop. Am I right in thinking they’ve removed this:

…to do that? And was that allowed? Or did they just do it? Maybe I’m paranoid – and admittedly I was on the bus at the time and didn’t get a good look, but I got the feeling it’s not there any more. Can anyone put my mind at ease?

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