Going Postal

I’ve had a lot of people contact me about this – our own local part of a national story. One by one, our post offices are closing – and the one along Woolwich Road, opposite Glenister Gardens is the latest victim earmarked for closure. It hardly seems yesterday that we lost the one along Station Crescent at Westcombe Park and now they’ve got it in for the closest one to it.

It’s a funny little place – and I’ve always feared for it – especially when the school went and then the Hospital, and the footfall just – well, fell. But there are still a hell of a lot of people who live round there and need it. I got my hopes up when the (strangely ham-fisted) renovation took place about 18 months ago (I am still cross I didn’t get a photo of the original Post Office signage above the shop which became visible again for a while before being covered up again – personally I’d have kept it – but then I wouldn’t have done any of it like that…) but that doesn’t seem to have done the trick and someone here told me the new guy can’t survive on just the PO revenue (why he doesn’t get a few more goods in beats me – I love the idea of a standalone PO but if it needs to be a shop too, so be it.)

Luckily for me, Sean did take some pics of the signs from way back in the days of the mysterious Mr Perkins and sent them to me.

Sean was accused of being nerdy for taking them, but I for one am grateful. Anoraks of the world unite. We have nothing to lose but our relationships.

But back to the Post Office. What baffles me is that although the internet age has brought email and thus fewer letters, it has also brought Mail Order and Ebay. People can buy stuff with the press of a button without leaving their seat – but someone has to trudge down to the post office and send the thing. It’s the weakest link in the purchase chain now – I’d have thought that that should be the thing the PO concentrate on – and keeping local post offices so folk don’t have to carry an entire scalextrix wrapped up in brown paper or a big cardboard box with a matchbox car and large volumes of expanded polystyrene a mile down the road should be an important part of that.

I heard an interesting thing on the radio. A Royal Mail worker was being interviewed about the cuts. The interviewer said “But they’ve said that there will still be a Post Office within a mile of every house.” The worker said that he didn’t know why this was a valid point since there used to be one within a QUARTER of a mile.

I don’t know of any petitions. But if you want to vent your spleen, here’s the address. Otherwise we face yet another dead shop along Woolwich Road (to add to all the new ones they’ll be building at the Old District Hospital Site.)

Anita Turner,
Network Development Manager
c/o National Consultation Team

Consultation Team
email: consultation@postoffice.co.uk

The branch’s official address is 8 Woolwich Road, London, SE10 0JU

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