A Murder of Crows

Benedict’s Murder of Crows…

Benedict points out the sudden onslaught of Spring:

I’m often suprised to see a murder of crows on the clock tower, usually in the autumn, but the unseasonaly early spring weather has instigated an unprecidented conflagration. Any ideas?

The Phantom replies:

That is one enigmatically highbrow epistle, Benedict. Did you actually mean to write to The Times? The Phantom is currently donning tweeds and a deerstalker to pen a worthy reply ;-)

Indeed Spring is portentiously early this year, perhaps, one might suppose, to render some recompense for the failure last year, of Primavera to peer in April’s front at all…

…Phew – I can’t keep that up for much longer. By the way, I love the collective noun. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia (which is never wrong, of course) you could also have used cauldron, caucus, congress, cowardice, hover, murder, muster, parcel, or storytelling when referring to crows?

But back to Spring. I did notice the daffs were fully in bloom in the National Maritime Museum yesterday, and that a pair of blackbirds are getting it together behind my gaff, warm spring days replacing the need for flowers, chocolates and Barry White Albums.

Any more springlike indcations folks? Sightings of yellowhammers or recordings of the first cuckoo should be addressed to The Editor

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