Youth Sport

Anon asks:

My teenage son is interested in training for a future mini marathon. Do you know of any clubs he could join?

The Phantom replies:

You know this one was a hell of a lot more difficult to find than I had originally thought. It seems that almost every noticeboard you pass is advertising some youth sport or other – but when you’re actually looking for things, they all seem to disappear.

The Serpentine Club is a London-wide running club for people training for the marathon. The club trains in Greenwich Park among others, and looks pretty serious, but I can’t tell if it allows young people.

The Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich do athletics, though opportunites for teenagers seem less impressive than for kiddies.

Apparently if he wants to enter the official mini marathon he’ll need to get in contact with his borough team manager. I’ve tried calling the council sports dept – 8921 8406 no luck – you might fare better. In the meanwhile I would suggest that you ask at the Arches about teen athletics clubs.

If your son feels he might be ready soon, he could actually try entering this mini marathon:

Or even try out for the London youth games

Or maybe someone sportier than me (not hard) knows of a local group?

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